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According to the Oxford dictionary Physiological means “relating to the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.”

My understanding of physiological birth is:

That it is a normal process, just like breathing and digestion. A birth that unfolds naturally, without medical intervention, allowing your body to go through labor under its own innate power. It is the optimal functioning of childbirth, and is a safe process that includes labour, birth, and the first hour after birth for both you and your baby.

According to a NHS patient survey published in January 2020 nearly 50% of women were induced to bring their babies earth-side. Think about that for a moment. Of course for some women this may be a choice they need to make for their own wellbeing or for that of their babies but that is a really big number for the majority of us, when our bodies have been made specifically to birth babies.

Women’s bodies are beautifully extraordinary, we are goddesses here on earth, creating new life and have the power to birth live young just like other mammals here on the planet. We CAN do it, our bodies know exactly what to do and so do our babies but I’m not sure we believe it! So that's where my modern ante natal classes come in and where you can learn more about your incredible bodies and how you can help create more space to birth your baby.

There are lots of ways to help aid the physiological process of birth but for me the environment is super important.

Think about this: how would you feel, how would your body react if you were in a brightly lit room with most probably strip lighting, whilst you were having sex and strangers kept coming in and out of this room, asking to put their fingers in your vagina, or looking at your vagina, touching you, talking loudly (and not always to you) discussing things with their colleagues?….

Do you think that would be an easy environment to have sex in? NO! So it probably isn’t conducive to having a baby with ease in either.

Remember the hormones needed to make your baby are the exact same hormones needed to birth your baby.

We have to be able to create the right environment for birth to happen. We need to feel safe, supported, relaxed, warm and protected. Physiological birth can happen in hospital too if we allow the right environment to be created to help birth unfold…

You can be a hippy, wear long skirts, be a vegan, have long hair, believe in home-schooling or wear a nose ring. You can do yoga, be guided by tarot, ride horses, like baking, believe in aliens, enjoy eating meat, party hard, drink, have tattoos and a pixie cut or you can just be YOU. Physiological birth is possible for the majority of birthing women, although it seems though we are losing our connection to this birth power and our trust in our birthing bodies.

If you want to know more about physiological birth and prepare for the positive birth you want then please get in touch. We will talk more about this and so much more on our BIRTH POWER BODY WISDOM Course

Our next course starts Monday 26th April. More information here.

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