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The Golden Thread

Since 2020, Glow Yoga Studio has provided the Dorset community with a unique holistic offering to prepare you for childbirth and journeying with you from Maiden to Mother. Along the way we have also collaborated with some brilliant experts from all over the world, in the birth space and hope this page allows you to cross paths with some truly special individuals all working to make birth better, supporting women in in the realm of motherhood and generally creating a world where mother and baby thrive. We aim to support positive change through holistic and spiritual offerings, sharing information and love.

Lucy Gregory

Founder of NEST

In October 2020 Aimee and Lucy joined together to create their first Pregnancy Retreat in Dorset focusing on the holistic aspects of birth preparation but also how to prepare for baby's arrival earth-side. More details can be found here Ten Moons Retreats

Whether you’re looking for a new workout or simply want to consult with an experienced and professional Certified Nutritionist, Morgan James is our go-to person for all your wellness needs.


Emma - AKA The Naked Doula

Birth Influencer and Visual Educator

Aimee and Emma can only be described as Insta buddies... through lockdown they connected and are kindred spirits. Aimee provides yoga content for Emma's online birth course and couldn't be more thrilled to be helping so many women connect back to their bodies at this sacred time!

Looking for a great Yoga Instructor who really knows what both your mind and body need? For many years, Reese Whiteman has been an influential part of our Yoga Studio, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals.



Bloss Expert

Aimee is a founding expert on the Bloss platform helping parents seek the support they need. 

Team: Our Team

Danielle Rhodes

Founder of
Sacred Space Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy in Brisbane and holder of Women's Circles

Soul sisters. Aimee and Danielle connected through a shared passion of birth and making it better as well as a common interest with the cyclical nature womanhood. Both extremely passionate about supporting women, they wotk together sharing resources and information with one another offering similar services on the other side of the world Quite magical when you think about it.

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Team: Our Team
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