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A spell for prosperity

Tonight is the night to call to the Goddess Juno and ask for her help to boost finances and bring abundance to your hearth. Whether you are feeling the pinch, struggling with the cost of living crisis or just in need of a little security to se you through the summer this is the spell for you. No previous experience of spells or magic is needed but it is to be known that I practice no harm.

This is a simple spell which requires just a few things:

*A white candle

*A jar

*A handful of loose change (ideally of the silver kind)

  • Light a white candle and place it near your fireplace. If you don't have a fire then I would place on your altar or a window sill.

  • Place an empty jar next to it and drop in a few coins and acknowledge your intention.

  • Every day, pop in a few coins you may have and be sure to thank Juno aloud as you do.

  • When the jar is full, use the change to treat your family to something special - perhaps a meal out, a day trip or something for each of them. You can then start the process again.

As you can see I used a large jar, not because I am greedy I might add, but because I am opening myself up to the prospect at getting better to receive financial abundance.

We all have our own connection and conditioning to the notion of wealth and so you may find it conjures up feelings that are uncomfortable and hard to sit with. Let them flow and journal if you need to but know you are worthy and deserving of abundance in all aspects of your life.

Fairest wishes on the wind and may your home be protected and filled with an abundance of love and happiness.

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