About me

Aimee Strongman

Aimee is the Founder of Glow Yoga Studio and has been practicing yoga in some way shape or form since she was 18. Aimee is a trained Primary school Teacher. She practiced yoga throughout her pregnancies using the skills to feel confident and safe, birthing both her boys at home. She wants to be able to share her positive experience of birth and love of yoga with other pregnant women to help them unveil their power during their pregnancies, birth and beyond whilst also creating a nurturing support network for new mums as they embark on Motherhood.

Yoga is for everybody and Aimee feels strongly about bringing the community together through the magic of yoga making it accessible for all.

When she isn't on her yoga mat Aimee loves nothing better than sunshine, a sea breeze, ice cream, dabbling in Tarot, cuddles with her boys and a steaming hot bath with candles.