Testimonials from Our Clients

Straight from the Source


"The best part aside from the yoga was meeting other mums to be and having discussions such as what to pack in the hospital bag and how to create a birthing plan as well as finding out from the second time mum's a bit about labour and what to expect.  This information was invaluable.

I would thoroughly recommend these classes for any mums to be as it was a great way to make new friends as well as keep active during pregnancy.”


"Yoga was brand new to me and I was definitely nervous turning up on my own. I needn’t have been, I learnt a new hobby and the sessions doubled up as a type of antenatal class but without the pressure. Each week we would focus on a topic to discuss and give our own worries, experiences and advice. It was very organic and a really relaxed atmosphere.

I met a brilliant group of ladies with very different stories and I very much hope to stay in touch with them as our babies arrive and grow, mum friends are priceless.

I would highly recommend Aimee and Glow."


"Thank you so much for your messages and words of encouragement! I tried to put as much of our sessions into practice as I could. The main one being to move the whole time, I’m so glad we learnt that from you as I found it agony to be on the bed and I if I hadn’t have come to you I wouldn’t have even realised there was an alternative to laying on the bed!"


"You have an incredible spirit and I instantly felt connected with you, I listened to your voice and allowed myself to become grounded. I reconnected with my body and for the first time switched off from the world"


"I hadn’t even given labour a thought until I started the course, Aimee has helped me feel more confident, and I am not scared in the slightest, I’m actually excited!"


"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone expecting, especially first time mums. I have learned so much more with Aimee than any antenatal course I've attended. The yoga is also great and has kept my body mobile throughout pregnancy. It's a wonderful relaxed environment."


"Glow definitely helped me with another beautiful natural birth. Breathing her out (although I admittedly found it harder this time around for some reason) but I still did it! Thank you for your course. Techniques learned there definitely helped to keep me calm and focused and really took away all the fear. There was just a smattering of excitement, determination and tranquility in the room. xx"