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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We started our 'Chakras' course focusing on the first chakra, the Root Chakra known as Muladhara, positioned right at the base of our spine.

The word 'chakra' in Sanskrit translates to a wheel or disc and we have 7 of these gorgeous spinning balls of light within us, which are incredibly connected to our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Each wheel represents a different aspect of our being, a natural element, a colour and mantra but they are simultaneously woven into our bigger energy system, meaning that if perhaps one wheel is turning more slowly than the others or completely stops spinning altogether it can have a huge impact on ALL the other wheels too.


Root Chakra, Muladhara (moola - dhaara) meaning in sanskrit (root +support/base)

This chakra relates to our basic needs and survival; food, sleep, shelter. When our muladhara is balanced we feel safe and it enables us to be practical and present. It is linked to all sorts of security; financial, emotional or physical. As well as whether we feel like we have a secure place in the wold, feeling comfortable in our own skin.

Location: Base of the spine - deep in the pelvic floor and perineum

Colour: Red - life energy, passion and strength

Element: Earth

Organs and functions that the chakra effects: large intestine, immune system, reproductive organs

Signs the root chakra is balanced:

  • you feel calm and supported

  • you feel physically fit and health

  • you have the ability to relax

  • you are organised and efficient

  • you feel connected to nature

  • You feel you belong

  • you feel confident

General signs of imbalance in the root chakra:

  • anxiety

  • feeling of isolation

  • digestive issues

  • fear

  • fatigue

  • sleep issues

  • lower back pain

  • sciatica

  • hip and pelvis pain

  • materialism

  • feeling lost or abandoned

  • trouble saving money

  • insecurity

Checklist for your Muladhara chakra:

  • Do I feel safe? if not why not?

  • When I stand, can I feel all 4 corners - do I have a relaxed energy in the feet?

  • Can I be practical?

  • Can I eliminate daily and with ease?

  • Am I comfortable in my own skin?

What you can do off the mat to help:

  • get physical - choose something you enjoy

  • gardening without gloves on /pottery - it will give you a chance to connect with the earth.

  • walk barefoot - it will strengthen your connection to the earth

  • eat root veggies - parsnips, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, onions, radishes, garlic and protein rich foods

  • give your mum/ grandmother a call - connect to your roots

  • put things in order - decorate your home, pay bills, clean and tidy - think Marie Kondo!

  • buy aromatherapy products/ candles - this chakra is linked to the power of scent - cedarwood, myrrh and patchouli

  • wear red

  • get a pedicure

Affirmations to help steady you:

I am anchored

I am connected to my body

I feel safe and secure

I have the right to be here

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be looking at a different chakra in more depth each session and learning how an imbalance may affect us in both our mind and our body and our well-being in general.

⚖️ We will also discuss what we feel like when we are balanced, and the benefits of when energy can pass freely through the wheels of each chakra as well as learning what we can do in our lives (taking Yoga off the mat!) to help with our sense of well-being.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Each week in my classes we will work towards a set asana (pose) associated with the focal chakra, building strength and understanding of our bodies, tuning into the breath and delving deeper inwards. The sessions will be suitable for all, whether or not you have done any yoga before and there will be modifications and variations that you can play with to find what works for you!

Please contact me if you'd like to join the glow gang and come along to a yoga class and learn something new. Experience the rainbow!

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