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Our Story

Be True to You

At Glow we want to create a safe haven free from the stresses and pressures of daily life. Space to breathe, move and just be, bringing together the heart, body and mind. Yoga is for everybody and we aim to share the benefits and holistic healing powers of yoga in a safe and nurturing environment, especially during this transformational stage of life from maiden to mother. We offer a selection of classes, workshops and more so you can find a session that's right for you whether in person or online.


What We Offer

Glow Your Own Way

Glow Yoga Studio offers a selection of classes with the positive guidance and encouragement you need, so that you can find your inner sanctuary. Our mission is to make you feel like a total GODDESS and the leading lady in your own birth experience. We are here to help you tune into your ancient birth wisdom, trust your body and feel powerful. To guide you to the source of your magic, feel strong, draw upon your intuition and inner knowing so you can birth with positivity and confidence.

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Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation

Focus on the present moment, this sacred time of creation when your body is going through vast, beautiful change. Discover the best way to relax in pregnancy and learn to do this with other mamas in a safe and nurturing space. Among its many benefits, this class helps improve your mindset towards your birth, teaches you breathing techniques to help with labour and most importantly unveils your 'Birth Power' within you, giving you the skills you need to birth new life in a way that is right for you.

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1:1 Pre-natal Yoga

During our bespoke 1:1 Pre-natal classes we really focus on you and your growing body. The session is completely tailored to your needs, following a private consultation. The aim is to calm, centre and soften the body into relaxation. We can talk through aspects of birth preparation too in order to gain knowledge and insight. The flow centers around the breath with a focus on strength and suppleness. No prior yoga experience is required as you will learn to tune into your body and practice the tools needed to experience a calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth in a supportive and nurturing setting.

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1:1 Birth Enhancing Sessions

Private 1:1 sessions in your own home, online or studio space. These sessions are completely bespoke to your needs and Aimee works closely with you to work on your approach to your birth. Aimee believes birth is a totally holistic process and it is important that your whole being is in tune during this incredibly sacred time of creation. Working with you with respect and compassion, whether you are anxious, or scared, suffering or suffered with PND or PTSD associated with birth or need to work with yoga to help specific needs in pregnancy Aimee is here for you. She is also training as a Doula, birth keeper in 2021 to further her love of birth so may be able to offer this service soon.

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Birth Wisdom Workshop

*Would you like to connect to your ancient birthing wisdom?

*Would you like to learn how to tap in to your intuition so you are able to be guided by your primal instincts?

*Perhaps you would like to learn more about how the body works during labour?

*Maybe you have experienced a traumatic first birth and want to ensure your birth story is different this time around?

*Or perhaps you just want to learn a little bit more about birth in general to learn a little more before the big day.

Whatever your reason, the Birth Wisdom online ante-natal course will provide you with key information and knowledge to enhance your birthing experience and will act as a guide along this incredible journey through pregnancy and beyond. It is the perfect course for anyone wanting to know more about their incredible bodies during this magical time of creation, to realise how birth can be. It is a chance to journey inwards and understand how to connect with your inner birthing wisdom and build trust in this amazing process.

This physiological process over time has been made more and more medicalised in our technological age but now more than ever we need to remember how holistic the birth process is and what we can do to make birth better.

We want you to feel confident and calm, knowing what it means to be a birthing woman in 2021


About me

Aimee Strongman

Aimee is the Founder of Glow Yoga Studio and has been practicing yoga in some way shape or form since she was 18. Aimee is a trained Primary school Teacher. She practiced yoga throughout her pregnancies using the skills to feel confident and safe, birthing both her boys at home. She wants to be able to share her positive experience of birth and love of yoga with other pregnant women to help them unveil their power during their pregnancies, birth and beyond whilst also creating a nurturing support network for new mums as they embark on Motherhood.

Yoga is for everybody and Aimee feels strongly about bringing the community together through the magic of yoga making it accessible for all.

When she isn't on her yoga mat Aimee loves nothing better than sunshine, a sea breeze, ice cream, dabbling in Tarot, cuddles with her boys and a steaming hot bath with candles.


"The best part aside from the yoga was meeting other mums to be and having discussions such as what to pack in the hospital bag and how to create a birthing plan as well as finding out from the second time mum's a bit about labour and what to expect.  This information was invaluable.

I would thoroughly recommend these classes for any mums to be as it was a great way to make new friends as well as keep active during pregnancy.”


"Yoga was brand new to me and I was definitely nervous turning up on my own. I needn’t have been, I learnt a new hobby and the sessions doubled up as a type of antenatal class but without the pressure. Each week we would focus on a topic to discuss and give our own worries, experiences and advice. It was very organic and a really relaxed atmosphere.

I met a brilliant group of ladies with very different stories and I very much hope to stay in touch with them as our babies arrive and grow, mum friends are priceless.

I would highly recommend Aimee and Glow."


"Thank you so much for your messages and words of encouragement! I tried to put as much of our sessions into practice as I could. The main one being to move the whole time, I’m so glad we learnt that from you as I found it agony to be on the bed and I if I hadn’t have come to you I wouldn’t have even realised there was an alternative to laying on the bed!"


"You have an incredible spirit and I instantly felt connected with you, I listened to your voice and allowed myself to become grounded. I reconnected with my body and for the first time switched off from the world"


"I hadn’t even given labour a thought until I started the course, Aimee has helped me feel more confident, and I am not scared in the slightest, I’m actually excited!"


"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone expecting, especially first time mums. I have learned so much more with Aimee than any antenatal course I've attended. The yoga is also great and has kept my body mobile throughout pregnancy. It's a wonderful relaxed environment."


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