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SACRAL CHAKRA - When did we stop playing?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Children are full of freedom and creativity and some serious high vibing goes on throughout the day in my household. It is a joy to watch their curiosity in action but what happens to that free flowing self as we grow older. I want more of it in my life.

The Sacral Chakra, Svadhistana (svad-ist- ah-na) meaning in sanskrit one's own seat) I like to think of it as the dwelling place of the self - a 'sweet' abode.

This chakra relates to a realm of emotions. It is linked to feeling free in expressing ourselves creatively, sexually, and being able to embrace change with a fluidity and grace. It taps into our playful side and is an energy full of fun! An open and balanced Sacral chakra allows you to experience intimacy, love freely and fully with total honesty. You are non-judgmental towards your desires and you are able to live fearlessly as your authentic self .

It governs:

  • Emotions, feelings

  • Relationships, relating

  • Expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure

  • Feeling the outer and inner worlds

  • Creativity

  • Fantasies

Location: Lower abdomen (in the centre, just below the navel)

Colour: Orange - strong, cheerful and creative

Element: Water - all that is fluid

Organs and functions that the chakra effects: Reproductive Organs, bladder, kidneys and adrenals and lower back.

Signs the sacral chakra is balanced:

  • you are graceful in your movements

  • you have the ability to embrace change

  • you are emotionally intelligence and are nurturing of yourself and others

  • you set healthy boundaries

  • you have the ability to enjoy pleasure

  • You embrace the "juiciness" of life"

  • you might find yourself dancing, singing and being generally joyful!

General signs of imbalance in the sacral chakra:

  • low self esteem

  • jealousy

  • lack of sexual desire

  • lack of creativity

  • emotional confusion

  • lack of motivation

  • feeling stuck in a particular mood

Checklist for your Sacral chakra:

  • Do I feel free to express my creative and sexual expression?

  • Is there a tightness and gripping in the lower back?

  • Am I able to respond to changing situations with flexibility?

  • Do I drink enough water?

  • Do I have a reproductive or menstrual issue

  • Do I have a healthy relationship with money?

What you can do off the mat to help:

  • Take care of yourself - Sleep eat healthy foods, drink water, take longer showers and when spas open - book yourself in!

  • Be understanding with yourself - do not criticise every action that you take and "go with the flow"

  • Be near water - the sea, a river, lake or even a soak int he bath will help

  • Focus on your hobbies - the things that bring you joy, unleash that creativity!

  • Think about the way you make love - can it be treated in a more sacred like manner? Add a lot of gentleness and affection

  • Heal relationships - be open and calm when resolving issues

  • Dance - put some music on and try a spontaneous expressive dance to help release some tension and blocked energies

Affirmations to help steady you:

I nourish my body

I go with the flow

I am creative being

I am comfortable in my own body

I am radiant, I am beautiful and I am strong

I am open to touch ad closeness

I am always creating masterpieces for my own pleasure

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