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We actually have the power to change our neurological pathways? Our brain is continually in a state of change and when it comes to pregnancy and becoming a mother the science is fascinating. Scientists at Yale University have detected an increase in the volume of grey mattering the maternal brain immediately following the birth of a child, especially in the areas responsible for memory, emotions, reasoning, motivation and sensory perception.

I used affirmations throughout both my pregnancies and count them as one of the key factors that helped me birth my babies with ease and confidence.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short positive statements that we want to feel, know and believe. Leaders use them , athletes, CEOs I bet Beyoncé uses them too!

FACE YOUR FEARS - we need to release these fears to help birth our babies with ease. Fear is stored in the body and stays with us and they bring about subconscious tensions which we need gone to be able to surrender and let go during birth.

WRITE THEM DOWN - put your words on paper, say them aloud, tell your partner. By speaking your worries and anxieties, you are able to release them from the body a little and then by writing them down you can see them in black and white and can look to FLIP them into something positive

FLIP IT - this is when you do a complete 180 degrees and look at your worry and make it into a positive affirmation. Eg. I am worried my birth partner won’t be present at the birth of our baby.

This is something I am hearing a lot and it is a totally valid fear, as they all are, but the trick is now to make it into something positive

E.g My birth partner will be with me where they might be.

REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT - stick post its around the house, print them out and laminate - I used to read mine at the same time before bed after I did my teeth - mirror work right there!

If you need help with writing yours please get in touch I would be honoured to help you find affirmation that work for you. Between 5 - 10 is a great number to have and make sure you say them aloud and share them too! You can also find some inspiration here to help get you started!

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