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Mala Beads

Some of you may have noticed my Mala beads that I was wearing last night made by the O so talented Becky of Mandala Yoga.

Mala beads have been used by spiritual seekers and yogis for thousands of years to help keep their minds focused during meditation.They were first created in India 3000 years ago (with roots in Hinduism & Buddhism) and were used for a special style of meditation called Japa, which means, “to recite”. Simply put 'mala' is a string of beads (a meditation garland) that are used in a meditation practice. They are a tool to help you count mantras, a companion of sorts through your meditation practice, and act as a tactile guide as you sit in silence. Mala beads can be made of many materials and many believe you are drawn to yours. Some are made with wood, mine is made of crystals.

My gorgeous crystal Mala beads arrived yesterday. Mala beads are believed to soak and store up energy, so it can sometimes be preferable to cleanse your mala beads from time to time, and especially important when you use them for the first time.

It is not advised that you lend or share your malas with friends so as not to transfer any energy.

How to Cleanse your Mala Beads

Before I use them for the first time, I like to place mine in a bowl of pure water with flowers. This turns into a lovely intention setting practice as I light a candle and begin thinking about my mantra for the journey ahead. It is a chance to wash the beads, clean and cleanse and take some time out for myself.

You might find as you journey forward you would like to start afresh and so here are a couple of other ways to cleanse your Mala to purify them and allow them to harness your positive energy.

- placing them in the sunlight or moonlight - a beautiful natural way to harness the goodness of the universe. - burning white sage over and around your beads - by sound vibration such as a singing bowl or chanting - perhaps placing them in the centre and releasing the pure sound.

You may wish to clean your mala from time to time and so can do this by placing the beads in warm water with a touch of salt or use a mild soap if you prefer. Let the beads soak overnight and you can use a soft brush to gentle scrub the crystals, seeds or wooden beads. Then leave to air-dry completely.

Here are my gorgeous beads made with Amazonite and Rose Quartz, 12 Lavakite beads and an Oynx guru bead. I was instantly drawn to it, had a wobble and thought I might have needed another one I saw but ultimately this was the one for me. I'm glad I trusted my intuition because the more I read and learn about the properties of each stone the more I am certain it was meant for me.

I'd love to know how you choose your beads?

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