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HEART CHAKRA - Feel the love

The Heart Chakra, Anahata (Ana -hat-a) meaning 'boundless 'unstuck' infinite' in Sanskrit) It is a chakra with the element of air. IT is all about the space, feeling the infinite like the sky above and bathing in the space of all that is good, light and weightless . The term "light-hearted" links well as we try to unlock the door with ease to the inner temple of our soul.

This chakra has characteristics of joy, love, peace, harmony, bliss, purity, compassion, kindness, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and the appreciation of beauty. Basically ALL the good stuff!

The Heart Chakra moves love through our life. It is the heart of our deep bonds with other beings, our feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect.

Anahata is an integrating and unifying chakra - bringing a sense of wholeness and a general sense of belonging. Using the heart as an inner compass to help guide the way forward. It is our healing center and LOVE is the ultimate healing power and force.

The energy of the heart chakra allows us to realise that we are part of something bigger and that we are connected to everything, entirely woven together and interconnected within an intricate web of relationships that extend through our lives and the universe.

Anahata allows us to seek a pure and and fundamental truth and effortlessly and unconditionally balances the energy within our bodies, hearts and minds,to enable us to love ourselves and others.

It governs

  • Our capacity for empathy

  • Self-knowledge and understanding

  • The intensity with which we can care for another person

  • Our emotional openness

  • Self-knowledge

  • Self-reflective

  • How peaceful we feel

Location: Centre of the chest (behind the sternam)

Colour: Green

Element: Air - space and lightness

Organs and functions that the chakra effects: heart, lungs, arms, hands, thymus

Signs your Heart is balanced:

  • You are open and have the capacity to love

  • You may feel blessed with abundance

  • you are loving towards yourself and to others

  • We can give and take without expectations

  • You may experience a deep connection with nature and Mother Earth

  • You many experience a sense of of unconditional love and connection with all

  • There may be a big transformation happening in your life but it feels effortless and easy

  • You appreciate beauty in all things

General signs of imbalance in the Heart chakra:


  • Feeling unloved

  • Inferior

  • Constantly seeing emotional support

  • Inability to forgive others or move on from past experiences.

  • Detached from your emotions, numbing you from love and compassion.

  • Withdrawn

  • Lacking Empathy

  • Unforgiving

  • Feeling isolated

  • Overly Critical of Yourself

  • Overly Critical of Others


You may feel...

  • emotionally drained

  • Codependent

  • like you are ruled by your emotions

  • Neglect emotional self-care

  • A lost sense of identity

  • A lost sense of personal boundaries

  • Saying yes to everything even when it might hurt you

  • Giving to others without restraints

  • extreme feelings of grief and sadness

  • jealousy

These traits may manifest themselves physically through:

  • Insomnia

  • Increase in blood pressure

  • A decrease in immune system function

  • Respiratory ailments

  • heart issues

  • Individual feel overwhelmed by emotions.

Checklist for your Heart:

  • Can you really give and receive with equal ease and grace?

  • Do you have a sensation of space in your heart?

  • Do you feel a sense of gratitude?

  • Can you sense a deeper connection between all living beings and earth

  • Are you able to forgive yourself and others?

What you can do OFF the mat to help:

  • SMILE AT EVERYONE YOU SEE - it's catching

  • FORGIVE AND MOVE ON - Life is too short to harbour the negativity within when it no longer serves you

  • BE POSITIVE TO FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CO WORKERS - it feels good to think kindly, speak with kind words and feel love in your heart towards others.

  • HAVE A "NO CRITICISING DAY" - It can take real effort to rise above the easy words to say but see how you feel when only good comes from your lips.


  • CULTIVATE YOUR APPRECIATE OF BEAUTY - people, nature, art and music



  • TAKE A BATH - Rose water is a wondeful addition and even rose petals!


* Green foods: Anything green is linked to the heart chakra. This means you can’t go wrong with ingredients like kale, limes, green bell peppers, spinach and green apples. All of these can help balance your heart.

*Warm soups: A hearty and rich soup can help to replenish your emotional stores and help you recover from difficult experiences. There is also anecdotal evidence that soups can promote recovery from illness, and the immune system is often at low capacity when charkas are misaligned.

*Foods rich in vitamin C: Orange juice, strawberries and other fruits that contain plenty of vitamin C can help the heart chakra. You can combine these fruits with green vegetables to create a super healthy smoothie!

Affirmations to help open the heart space and fill you with boundless love:

I am open to love

All love resides in my heart

I instantly forgove myself and others

I choose joy

Love is my guiding truth

My heart is free from past hurt

I am connected to all humans, nature and animals

I effortlessly receive and give love to myself and others

I am grateful and compassionate towards others and to myself

I hope you can find a little space in your day to take a deep breathe, close your eyes and listen to your heart.

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