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There is something about a wildflower meadow. Maybe it's the colours, the flash of a rainbow, the subtle scent in the breeze or perhaps it is the wave of nostalgia it brings into our being that nudges our soul. We know they are brilliant for our landscapes and bring about all sorts of wildlife. All I know is that whatever it is about a wildflower meadow, I love them and I feel so lucky to have my very own in my garden.

It didn't always look like this... for a few months it was just two beds of soil and weeds and I was convinced my husband's vision for this beautiful wild meadow was a failed dream but then slowly (with a little rain and a lot of sun) things began to bloom and they kept on blooming...

Before now, I would never have called myself green fingers - far from it. When I was a primary school teacher the kids would laugh at how my sunflower seed barely made it above the pot ... I just wasn't in tune and the sadness watching something that was in my care wilt and wither was not what I wanted. But I was determined to bring greenery into the home and so made a little pact with my husband,,, if I could keep some plants alive inside perhaps I could have somewhere in the garden to keep some other plants (herbs mainly) and flowers... It worked. I began to draw my energy into consciously taking care of my plant babies and they began to thrive. Admittedly there have been a few casualties along the way but I put that down to ignorance, before I began reading and researching and remembering to water them!

So fast forward a year or two and I now have a collection of house plants, a herbarium in full flow and I am making good use of the wild flowers too. I felt this calling to learn more about herbalism and how it may help in pregnancy as well as how I could help Tom put his gorgeous veggie patch fruit and veg to good use. With the help of my Mom and Step-dad, inspired by some mama friends and a few good charity shop books I have been on my way. I mean there is always so much to learn and I am in no way as expert but I hope by sharing a few things I have done it might make it seem possible for you too.

I am going to share with you how to make your own herb and flower bundle. You don't even need to have a garden to make one and you may have some very kind neighbours who might let you cut a couple of their floral delights.

They are sometimes referred to as smudging sticks but I like to call them smoke bundles or herb and flower bundles which can be lit to smoke away negative energy around the home or any space. I love to see them hanging too as they look so pretty and release the most amazing aromas, you could even hang above your

Depending on which herbs you choose to use will have a slightly difference essence. Sage is a favoured bundle and has long been burned to cleanse space. Our ancient ancestors burned dried sprigs of sage in temples and during religious rituals and Greeks and Romans wrote that the smoke imparted wisdom and mental clarity.In England, seventeenth-century servants of the royal family allegedly scattered a blend of sage and lavender on the floors at court to help disguise the aroma of day to day life.

  • Sage – Considered one of the most prized and sacred herbs, sage instills peace and tranquility.

  • Eucalyptus – Shrouds any room the scent of a spa... aaaaand relax

  • Lavender – Cultivates peace of mind and restfulness.

  • Cedar – Often used for renewal, protection and grounding.

  • Rose – Generally burned in love, luck, grief, and healing rituals.

  • Frankincense – Often used to send prayers and intentions to the gods.

I chose to use Rosemary today as well as sage which has known properties to help mental clarity and was a herb used to signify remembrance and was even mentioned in Shakespeare's Hamlet when Ophelia says "There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember; and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts..."

What you'll need:

  1. Scissors (garden gloves are optional depending on how sensitive your skin is)

  2. Twine

  3. Basket, carrier / container of some sort to carry your delights

  4. Wooden chopping board to work on

  5. Roughly 8-10 sprigs of herbs

  6. Approximately 5 buds/flowers

How to make your very own DIY Herb and Flower bundle

  1. Head to the garden or your window boxes - herbs are relatively easy to grow and there are many options even if you have no outside space.

  2. Decide on your choice of herb and flowers and begin to load your basket with goodies. The smell will be amazing!

  3. Once you have your collection you will need to lay out your haul on your chopping board. This helps you see what you have and begin to plan how best to bring your bundle together. It is a good idea to line up the stalks from the bottom up and have a little play around to figure out how it all fits together - that's the bit I enjoy the most!

4. Next, measure out the twine. Personally I work with 4 x the length of the bundle and a tad more just to be on the safe side as some bunches can be super think.

5. Once you have your string go ahead and tie a secure knot at the bottom of your bundle leaving an excess of string and then begin to wrap the long end tightly around your bundle. Continue wrapping the twine tightly as you can until you reach the top so that it remains bound when the herbs and flowers dry and shrink.

6. When you get to the top, continue wrapping criss-crossing back over the twine and when you reach the bottom tie onto the excess you left.

7. Finish my trimming off any bits that are peaking through so you are happy. Personally I like the rustic feel of mine.

Now all there is left to do is to hang them up to dry, ideally somewhere sunny and dry for about 2 weeks.

When you are ready to use them light them and hold at a 45 degree angle for around 20 seconds. After that you can gently blow out the flame so you can see the orange embers on one end. There should be no billowing smoke. Perhaps set an intention and then slowly walk around your space in a clockwise direction. Allow the smoke to waft but always stay present and safe. Never let the burning bundle stay unattended for any reason. Also, take care not to inhale too much of the smoke - an open window can help.

When you are ready to extinguish your smoking herb bundle, press the tip firmly into a fireproof vessel, or sand until the smoke no longer rises.

DO NOT GET IT WET - makes it harder to light the next time and can ruin the tip of the stick. You can easily keep the herb bundle in a vessel until the next time you are ready to use it again.

Happy making and cleansing! Please tag me in any pics of your bundles on the gram @glowyoga_studio

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