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With so many bags on the market and lots to think about before your new arrival appears Earth-side, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming thinking about this. One of my clients was asking about baby bags today and it reminded me just how many things you think about before the baby arrives without really knowing what to expect. One mother’s way might not work for you but then again it just might!

Over the past 3 and a half years I have definitely found my own way of doing things and learnt the hard way... so here are my TOP TIPS for when you start thinking about buying a baby bag (aka my Mary Poppins bag!)

♥️LOVE IT- make sure really like it. You will befriend that bag like no other and you will be using it daily so best to actually like it! I LOVE @tibaandmarl

🔑 EASY ACCESS - you want to be able to actually get into the bag with ease so think smooth running zips, day poppers nothing too fussy!

👑 COMPARTMENTS ARE KING- you’ll probably be taking a lot of things out with you in the first few week/months and so don’t want to be rummaging. If there are lots of pockets and compartments it helps to locate things a lot more easily.

💎BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER - one it won’t be great for your back but also you will feel you have to fill it!

🧴SEPARATE CHANGING MAT - @jemandbea do a great changing clutch which is so great when you don’t want to take the whole backpack to the loo - easy to grab and go and I would 100% recommend.


@thenappyladyuk have a great collection of dry bags which is a great addition to have with you out and about especially if you have accidents, poo explosions, spill drinks etc. when you are out and about. You can store dry clothes in one part and then the wet/dirty ones go in in the other and then when you get home shove the whole lots in the washing machine! Also great when you go swimming! Means you use less nappy bags too so yay to the environment! ♻️

I would love to hear from you mamas out there and all about which bags you use to carry everything in. Did you use a rucksack or over the shoulder bag? Big or small? Brands? Drop your comments below 👇🏼

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