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Forest bathing in the sunshine on your birthday is not bad at all even if I did have to cancel date night and a country themed barn party! Forest bathing is a Japanese practice, known in Japan as shinrin yoku. It is a gentle and simple method of relaxation, being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply and it can help boost health and wellbeing in a natural way. But...

DID YOU KNOW that experiencing nature and feeling a sense of “awe” can have huge benefits on your emotional and mental well-being, especially in pregnancy, labour and I would argue in your post-partum healing phase too?

Awe is generally is defined as the sense or emotion you feel, when you are in the presence of something larger and more consequential than yourself and that this ‘something’ is mysterious and ineffable (my new favourite word btw!)

In past studies, people who reported feeling awe, also tended to have less emotional stress - which we know is not what body and baby need during pregnancy or labour. So this could be the perfect time to get your boots on and go find a grand old stomping ground. Personally, there is something about being surrounded by the trees that makes me always take a deep breath. It is like a little reminder that we are all connected to something bigger.

During my pregnancy I definitely felt the need to get out and in my own way seek guidance and support from Mother Nature. The ancient birthing wisdom is within us….maybe a walk in the woods might just help us rediscover it. It will certainly help boost those oxytocin levels and allow you to draw upon your senses which can play a huge part in keeping the mind calm during labour so why not give it a go?!

I would love to hear if you have any stories of awe walks/ forest bathing or journeys that have helped along your pregnancy or in labour.

🏷 Better still, please tag me in any AWE -inspiring photos you take! @glowyoga_studio using the hashtag #glowingawewalks

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